Use WFP without getting Fatigued

I have been using WFP for a while now.
I found that after a while especially the big jobs.
That I get fatigued in the arms and neck.
Is there a certain way of using the pole to lessen fatigue?
Or maybe stretching exercisers that may help?
Is there any gadgets out there that may make it easier to use poles?

Yeah it definitely ball busting I’ll do the job in segments and then move my DI tank to a new location ! working 2 hours without stopping is pretty much normal ! You’ll just have to keep moving, shifting your arms legs ! \stop for a minute or two. You know you work it like your pumping weights !

There is no real easy way, you just have to bust your butt !


Dangerous can break rocks after his Tucker workout

Going to the gym to build muscle will make it easier to WFP. Really.

If it’s a tough gig you do have to pace yourself. This time of year it seems that I power wash most of the homes (on my customer list) then WFP the windows. And many of them I do a seperate gutter whitening before WFP’ing the exterior windows. That’s quite a days work on the large homes that I do.

Using a carbon fiber pole really helps tremendously! Take breaks and refreshments as needed. The biggest help is a helper to share the work load. Stretching before, during, and after WFP’ing also helps.

Someone already mentioned working out at the gym. I wish I had time to do that because it would definitely be an advantage.



Rocky Dange-ster

Also, use your legs alot. Dont just pump with your arms. Before I had all of my guys doing all of the work for me. I’d WFP 3 story buildings all the time by myself. Grab the pole, put it on the glass, and walk back and forth. Using this instead of just arm strength, can make you WFP a whole lot longer. Like was mentioned, make sure to stretch your neck and shoulders every few minutes.


Would it be possible to put a D type handle or similar on the pole, with a universal joint so you can move your arms more naturally.?
Just a thought.

Easy solution, put down the Pinkberry and man up Rhonda!

HAHA! Nice one. Yeah rocking back and forth with your whole body is the way to go. Last month I got a ridiculously painful cramp in my bicep while WFPing all day. That was even with trying to use my whole body as best I could. Take breaks as needed and stretch.

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Jeff Brimble said it was a little cumbersome when he tried it. I wouldn’t entertain it in the heat I work in. I’d go along with the build muscle suggestion & get yourself a lighter pole. My 60"er I can lift with one finger, but I stand further back to give my neck a break.

Ill throw my 10c into this.

When I spent a year in Canada working for a big window cleaning company I did alot of water fed pole work.

My longest stint was around a 10 day siding washing gig that included windows too.

That was an absolute blast! doing that work (and a killer) but worth it!

The secret is using your legs!!! Your arms should take as little force as possible.

I found if you rock at about a long step as possible, you will cover alot of area without smashing your arms.

If your arms loose it then your gone, the legs are the power house of the body so maximise their efforts!!!

P.s. I will point out that after those 10 days, I got a heap of compliments from the opposite sex for my muscles :smiley: haha
i miss canada!