Use your ladders in the ICE?

I just saw this product on the internet and thought it looks very interesting. It’s a ladder stopper that can even allow you to set your ladders on ice! Here’s the video: LadderM8rix Professional Ladder Stabiliser - YouTube

The salesman made me laugh :smiley: It does look good though. Has anyone else seen/used this before, or anything similar?

dont think about it, just gon buy it…:eek:

What are you waiting for…?

[video]- YouTube

This was recommended after the m8trx, it cracked me up because he reminded me so much of John C. Reilly (Step Brothers, Talladega Nights). After looking at some more of his videos he better hope he doesn’t become a viral hit, OSHA could have some recommendations for Santa Claus Roof Clearing:D

lol it’s like it has been linked to that video ironically

Here’s how to do it :smiley: falling off the roof - YouTube

We shovel a house like that, has a nice a pitch that seems like it should shed easily but doesn’t, at the garage it is only 2-3 feet to the ground because of ground slope, so we put the rookies on it. Everyone that has ever worked for me has slid off that roof, but it teaches them how quick it can happen, and removes that “first time fear” so they can be more aware when it happens in the future.

Can this be found in the US? the shipping from the UK would be too much.

I couldn’t find a US distributor unfortunately :frowning: I suppose the only option would be to contact a UK distributor and ask what the shipping would be. It depends on how much you rely on your ladder really. If you are completely reliant on it, like I am, then even though its expensive, it may still be worth paying for as it means you will never lose a days work due to slippy conditions, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are always safe.

i would imagine it would be good (though i have not seen one ) ,i myself use ladder spikes on all my ladders and i trust these on ice. A lot of old school window cleaners here use ladder spikes all year round , i sharpen the tips on mine every now and then,with a file

I hammer big screw driver blades into the ground thru the holes I made in my ladder feet. How is a ladder spike different than that? Never heard of ladder spikes.

ladder spikes protude only about 1/2 an inch below the original base level. some make them from a strip of hard steel for longer life , but mine are clip- on type of regular steel, mine are now bolted on permanently . the beauty of spikes is that they grip in the smallest crevice such as the gap between pavers or a tiny dip in the surface and they dig in well on tarmac without marking . if you are on decking the spikes place in the gap between the boards . a few ladder suppliers here sell them ,google ladder spikes , but as i say, they are quite easy to get made up from a strip length of steel , each spike being about 6 or 8 inch totally long