Using a pole vs. using a ladder

I am wondering what the brains here think of using a pole vs. using a ladder. It seems that some think you will do a better job when you are right in front of the window but this benefit win over the safety of working from the ground?

Is it dumb to use the pole if you have to climb the ladder to remove the screen anyway?

I think you have two different questions here. If I have to climb a ladder to remove a screen then I’m cleaning the glass while I’m up there.
On a CCU I want to be face to glass. On almost every other job I can use a pole. I know some guys will say “what about the sill?” but when I’m doing in and out I clean the sill from the inside. On most of these if the weather permits I use the wfp so the sill is taken care of. On the few I can’t and it’s exteriors only we don’t include the sill. I, of course, let the customer know what level of cleaning each choice includes.

Can’t add to that…:mad:

When I used to do storefront work I always used a pole. I never use one for residential work, because wiping down of the entire frame and sill is included in my window cleaning price, to remove any cobwebs or loose debris.

That’s another benefit of wfp huh Seth.:wink:


I should clarify my previous post. I never use a pole for residential work, unless it is a waterfed pole. When we can’t use a WFP we will always ladder instead of regular extension pole.

any chance you have a video of poling a 2 maybe 3 story window?

it seems to me the learning curve its to steep to actually get a clean window -

my nose is always touching that glass.

but if there was a tutorial on pole cleaning (resi) I would love to see it.

Depends on the window, only if I can see any leftover drips / schmootz from where I’m standing and fix it.

Here’s one -


I’d also suggest you buy this DVD -
Mark knows his stuff!

Do you wfp threw screens? Or do you always have to remove screens? I know it sounds stupid but since I am currently not a wfp company, I really don’t know. Im sure you have to remove the screens.

Remove the screens if you want to clean the glass. If not, then leave the screens in. The customer will have clean screens and still dirty glass.

Oh, cool!
I didn’t know that was on option.

If I straight poled some house glass, filmed it, did not get paid, and then lost that job to Tory, would you guys chip in and then reimburse me? Because I’m down.