Using a water fed pole on a beach house

[FONT=“Georgia”]Hey anybody here using their water fed pole on beach homes? I know we have people here on the forum who live/work near the oceans… I just can’t remember who off-hand.

I’m curious how it effects the use of WFP’s? Are there special needs for windows that have a lot of salt-spray on them, or is it no different than a regular home?

Any thoughts would be appreciated;)[/FONT]

I do a large job every month in Malibu, CA that is right on the ocean. I have not had much success in doing the windows that face the ocean with pure water because the salt from the ocean spray is so “caked” on there that it never looks great. The other windows that do not face the ocean have cleaned up quite nicely with a WFP, but I have been cleaning the other windows that face the ocean by hand. I will be watching this post closely to gain insight…

So it’s just a matter of too much salt on the window itself or too much salt on the frames?

I’ve been cleaning an ocean side restaurant for years and they come out perfect. Do you use a hog’s hair brush?

No I have a nylon brush. I haven’t done any WFP work on the beach house yet, I was just wondering what effect the salt spray and ocean environment has on WFP use in general. I’ve never seen anything discussed about it before.