Using pure water solution vs. tap water

I know some of you use pure water and mix it with whatever soap you prefer. I use tap water because I don’t have a purification method right now and don’t want to spend unneccessary money buying it by the gallon. But it occured to me to at least ask.

If you’re going to take pure water and add soap to it, … what is the benefit of using pure water versus normal tap water??

Can anyone elaborate on why you would use one water over another especially considering you’re just going to start adding stuff to it. And once you get your dirty strip washer dipped in it, then you’ve got, … .well, dirty soapy “pure” water. Any opinion on the matter or is it just some kind of personal preference that might in reality have no effect?

We’ve got pretty hard water but I couldn’t tell you what the TDS is or anything. Just wondering if it would benefit me in some way.

The pure water often spoke of here is referring to pure water fed through a pole. A dirty strip washer never makes it in a bucket of pure water. Tap water is fed to filtration system then that pure water is then fed through a pole with a brush on the end. Hope that clears it up a lil.

Or are you referring to that new soap E cover that some guys like here. I did hear that it should be used with filtered H20. I personally don’t use it but there are a few threads on the subject. If you download the purewater manual from this site it will be a great help to understand how a WFP works and what it actually does

Tom as John mentioned, download this and give it a quick read:

WCR Pure Water Manual

no, no, … I understand the WFP pure water method. Scrub, scrub, rinse with pure water for drip free windows, etc. I understand that. Actually I hope to do this starting in Spring 2012.

But I’ve seen in a few threads that some people use pure water and mix it with soap then clean traditionally. Maybe it’s just the Ecover stuff. I use the Ecover now, but just mix it with normal tap water. The bottle doesn’t say anything about mixing it with pure water. But I know some people do this and am wondering why you would mix pure water with soap. I mean what benefit would you get from that??

Hope I’m a little more clear now.

I might be wrong but I’m assuming you already know about pure water in terms of WFP work, but are wondering why some traditional window cleaners choose to use it in their cleaning solution instead of tap water, would that be correct? If so, as far as I know they do this because it is less likely to leave streaks and some say it makes the squeegee glide more smoothly over the glass. Even though the solution would not be ‘pure’, it would still have a much lower mineral content, and therefore would be more pure than using tap water. I’ve tried it myself, and it did seem to keep streaks at bay even in direct sunlight, but to be honest the benefits weren’t so outstanding that I would consider buying the water or an RO or Di system. I would only do that if switching to WFP. Hope this helps.

I like the idea of using pure water on my residential jobs. I usually use a WFP on the outside and now I use pure water in a bottle on the insides. I’ve been rinsing my strip washer in a bucket of tap water and using my bottle of pure water and soap to load my strip washer. I like it.

if your in this for the long run window cleaning that is … get your self some distilled water from somewhere where you live .( or you can also get it out of your tumble dryer ) Buy some and experiment with it… me personally i prefer Pure because it has no minerals and acts like a WFP for squeegees… Pure water and soap keeps the windows cleaner as lets say Hard tap water with soap. but if your ppm is only 30 - 90 i guess there is no big difference … but where i am its high 300-350 and where tony ( MR squeegee ) lives even much higher…there is definitely a different feel to the glass when pure water is used . makes the soap and squeegee act different… just buy about 10 Liters and experiment for a week…

Nothing is better than hands on giving it a go yourself…

I’m giving your ideas of using pure water in a bottle or even a pump sprayer a go and I really like it. A gallon of pure water lasts much longer than I thought. It never gets dirty so I don’t have to throw it away like the water in my bucket.

I used DI in the bucket with soap since day one and now DI in my squirt bottles in and out when I do traditional method. It cleans better, streaks less, mixes well with soap of your choice, and leaves the window as clean as possible. I would not use regular water ever again.

That’s the kind of reasoning I was looking for. Thanks. I guess some things you just need to try for yourself to see if they work as well as people say. Trial and error right??

I learn so many things here that it’s sometimes difficult to sort and prioritize the things I’d like to try myself. Appreciate the feedback.

BTW, I can get pure water here somewhere I’m sure, but what the heck is a “tumble dryer” and how would I get pure water from it??

LOL, I was wondering the same thing( Tumble dryer)

As to your question, I’ll put in my two cents. We have a DI tank set up for blind cleaning and when I think of it, I fill up a 5 gal jug and use it in the buckets, along with gg4/dawn. I thought it worked well, it does seem to have a somewhat different feel to it. The guys couldn’t tell the difference, though.
Basically, given the option, sure pure water is better but most tap water works close to the same in my opinion. Kinda a hassle to drive over to the shop everytime I run out of pure water.
BTW, if you want to just try this, go buy some distilled water from the grocery store, like peter said.

Hmm, interesting. I have always used tap water with dawn. I certainly wouldn’t have thought that many or any of you were using pure water with soap, since the soap obviously makes the pure water “un-pure”. But I’m not one to knock it until I’ve tried it, so I think tomorrow I’ll hook up my RO/DI cart like I normally do for the outsides and pump the first couple of gallons into my bucket with dawn, fill a spray bottle with the solution and give it a try on the interior windows.
Thanks for bringing up the question Tom C.

If you put pure water in your bucket it won’t be pure for long. Once you rinse out your strip washer it’ll be dirty. Kind of a waste in my opinion.

I fill my bottle on a belt with pure water and pour the solution directly onto my mop. I rinse the mop out from time to time in a bucket of tap water to keep it fairly clean. I can do the insides of a house with less than 20 ounces of pure water solution. I set up a couple gallons of pure water with a bit of soap and refill my squirt bottle from them.

On storefronts I’m using a bucket of tap water and soap. They’d never notice the difference. High end residential is another story.

Another thing when you iron your clothes after drying ( your wife ) does she use tap water or does she use Distilled water ? here in Germany they use distilled water to do there ironing !!! ( pure water ) otherwise the lime scale will build up in and on your iron ( you see this when white bits come out on your clothing while Ironing )… its the same when you use de scaling tabs for your dish washer and washing machine… in a clothes dryer the water that condenses falls into the drop tray this is what many house wives use to do there ironing… dont ask me what PPm it is i dont know all i know is they sometimes use that here instead of buying the water from all home stores … because the water is hard here.

Hi, I have an inexpensive pure water wfp system. I use pure water for the “traditional” cleaning on the inside and outside. I notice a positive difference over tap water. I’m going to have to try the bottle to load pure water on my mop for inside cleaning although it seems this would be very time consuming. I love the wfp system.