Using short connection for scrubber/squeegee on pole?

Made scrubber/squeegee for pole work as the other squeegees had longer handles mainly to be used by hand.
As you will see that with a purpose made shorter connection will give you better control of the squeegee when on the pole.


Interesting. What do you suppose is happening with the longer connections that they wouldn’t give the same level of control? Do they flex?

hey this what i am doing too!
@Infinity you will notice that @herman almost always has an angle set to keep his squeegee blade functioning correctly this allows him to stand further back and have a MUCH GREATER range of motion with his pole. shorter distances mean the business end is more compact and can can react to pole twists better.
in effect the handle is a bit like the wheelbase of a vehicle, a compact car is much easier to maneuver than a full length pickup truck.

Good explanation. I was envisioning the handle just being set straight at the end of the pole, so it didn’t make a lot of sense to me that it would make a difference where the connection point was, provided it was a rigid joint. But with an angle adapter at the end, it does affect the geometry. Cool. :sunglasses:

Yes Alex if you used it straight on a pole.
But most times you need that certain angle to the glass.
This is why we use the angle adapter .
And having that angle closer to the squeegee when using gives you a more positive movement.
In the video below we using 20 inch scrubber /squeegee with our new swivel movement which allows us to do all the big glass.
We are using scrubber/squeegee the one that is in picture above.
Without have to do the bottom half by hand.