Utah Loves Clean Windows?

Always hungry for information I thought I would find out what US states search for window cleaning the most.

Some of these were surprising:

  1. Utah (beating Arizona by a tiny fraction)
  2. Arizona
  3. Oregon
  4. Colorado
  5. Washington
  6. Minnesota!?

Not a lot of warm climate states in the mix which I find interesting. California and Florida did not even make the top 10!

[B]Top search terms for window cleaning[/B]

  1. Window cleaning
  2. Window washing
  3. Window cleaning supplies
  4. Fish window cleaning (huh?)
  5. Window cleaner
  6. Window cleaners

Just thought you guys would find some of this interesting. These results are Google and Yahoo stats combined.

p.s. April, May and June of 2008 were by far the biggest surges in search. Beating the fall months by 40%!

I believe it. April & May for me were my best months. I thought I’d go crazy with the amount of work (and request for work) coming in. But Oct/Nov were very disappointing. December sucked all out. But this Jan business is booming (commercial mostly). Weird?

I wonder if this has any thing to do with the ratio of window cleaners to shoppers.

Maybe these states are not as saturated with window cleaners as California and Florida are.

PS. Denver gets over 300 days of sunshine a year, more then San Diego.

Hmm, That’s interesting point Shawn. Because I’m in San Diego now and use to lived in Denver. You are absolutely right about sunshine in Denver.
I wonder if you do any residential jobs now this time of the year? For me in San Diego residential is pretty slow now. Rainy season you now, people are fricking out when rain is coming…:slight_smile:

I receive a lot of visits from the keywords “window washing formula” …and I don’t see that as a prospect costumer if they’re looking how to make Homemade Windex :slight_smile:

55 degrees today, sun was shining, and I was slinging the new 35’ SLX pole from Gardiner Pole Systems.

Way to go Shawn. Maybe I should move back…Oh man, I miss Colorado…

Make me an offer. :smiley:

where did you get that info? I want to see where OK is in the mix. Can you even break it down by cities? Because more specifically, I want to see where Tulsa is.