Van Mounted RO/DI System water production problems....HELP!

Greetings…I am having problems with water production coming out of my DI filter.

Water pressure coming out of the RO Membrane is good and we have just replaced it along with it`s holder.

Supply was great for a couple of hours then tapered off to a dribble going into our holding tank.

My boss and I have been battling with this for a couple of weeks and we are at our wits end.


We still have GREAT PPM Numbers…0…but the production is just NOT THERE!!!


HF5 Membrane in a Champ 4000 Holder.

Tried this morning and still very little water flow straight out of the RO Membrane.

Membrane is installed correctly…Black is inlet…White is out to the DI Filter.

Whats crazy is that it was WORKING GREAT for about 4 hours then KAPUT!!!

Our PPM is 197 going in and 27 coming straight out of the RO Membrane.

When I first installed the new holder and membrane my PPM straight out of the membrane was 14.

Could it be something with our water???

This is the second membrane we have bought with the same results.