Varaible speed battery operated grinder/buffer for hard water stain removal

Had alot of great responses on hard water stain removal looking to machine it off with variable spped grinder. Which there are serveral. But does anyone know of a [B][U]battery operated VARIABLE speed grinder.[/U][/B] Lets face it it if you dont have to grab a chord, find a plug, risk blowing a fuse saves alot of time. slap in a battery and no chord to get tangled up in

I have never needed a grinder to remove water scale from shower walls and fixtures, and I live in Florida. Can someone post a pic of this situation, please?

Saw the Dewalt DC411KA at Lowe’s earlier today ($229.) 18V XRP™ batteries, 0-6,500RPM. Perhaps it could be adapted to your needs.

Thanks checked it out. but its not variable. in some of my reasearch ive done if you use to high of a speed you can sheen the glass. not exactly sure what that means. I think it might mean to kind of burn the glass???. I found 1 variable speed battery but it runs at 20,000 rpm and its got a feather touch trigger so you can truley set a lower speed. it al depends on how lightly u depress the trigger. Thanks for the info though.

Check David Freeborn’s comments – I think he prefers ~1,000RPM (?)

Not a grinder, but a buffer/polisher…and yes, 1000-1500rpm…slower slings less and works. I have “sanded” hw stains off with glass renu before…a large piece of glass in front of a fountain, with years of staining. No pics…but have lots of hard water stains that had to be abraided off before with a polisher.

here’s a pane that took 2 or 3, I forget, safe restore applications and then a few minutes of A-1 with the DeWalt polisher…before and after pictures.

Thanks dave you are the man. I appreciate all the info