Vernon Dunn / Owner / Master Touch, Inc Commercial Window Cleaners

Hello to all. My name is Vernon Dunn and I am the owner of Master Touch, Inc Commercial Window Cleaners.
I have been in business for 21 years and cover a 50 mile radius of Greenville, NC. My window cleaning experience covers commercial buildings up to 4 stories, restaurants, retail store fronts and upper end residential homes. My add on businesses include pressure washing, venetian blind cleaning and repair, awning cleaning and sealing and gutter cleaning.
My workforce has grown and shrunk over the years, but has never achieved the size or quality that I would like. The writing is on the wall so to speak. Its time for me to become the administrator or walk away from what I have worked for over the last 21 years. Like that’s going to happen.
The competiton factor in this area is invisible. They are there, but are rarely seen or heard from. Every one is into doing their own thing and very protective of what they have going on. I go to a prospective customers place of business where its obvious someone has been maintaining the window cleaning. I ask the simple question of whose service are you using and the customer will tell me they don’t know the name of the service or the name of the person who does the cleaning. And I’m thinking the person is either not wanting to tell me the truth or honestly doesn’t know.
It’s my intent to learn as much as possible about wfp technology and get it implemented in my workforce as soon as possible. Also to pick the brains of some of you folks with questions and concerns so that the next 21 years will secure my business as a secure form of income for my wife and family.
Thanks for your time.

Welcome Vernon!

Welcome, Vernon. You’ll find a lot of great advice here.

Welcome Vernon.


Welcome, your thinking about WFP is very in tune with today’s industry ! Doing 4 stories with it will really produce a high end revenue, it will take a 4 hour job done by hand and bring down in half and will double your money ! Good luck to you and your endeavors. !

David Gutierrez / Advanced Window Cleaning Service

Welcome Vernon good to have you.

welcome aboard vernon