Very Cool Door Hanger Idea

When i first started my business i marketed with door hangers. HATED IT!! But i found this company called A’DEAS Printing. They have these door hangers that have adhesive on the back that sticks to the door or window and it will not blow away and will not leave behind any residue on the window when the homeowner pulls it off. They also have a thing called “Bandit”. It has a rubber band attached to the back of the door hanger so you can put it on door knobs an stuff. Anyway i loved this!! If you go door to door with door hangers this thing is awesome. Here is a few pics i took of an old door hanger i found that i would distribute around the neighborhoods when i would finish doing a house. And here is a you tube video for ADEAS


I did these too when I first started. Looking back, content wise the flyer was downright terrible. But had a pretty good response rate. The problem was I got complaint calls about putting asticker on their window… But i also cleaned off the sticker residue on the jobs I booked using them :slight_smile:

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Cool idea…

I like the wording you used.

Sticker residue?? Adeas adhesive does not leave a residue behind

When I first started, I used scotch tape to hold flyers to storefront accounts at night. Never had a complaint but this idea is 100% better.

This is pretty neat. Clever…

It’s not bad but, but I remember having to steel wool residue off some glass in the same rectangular shape and where I would have put the flyer. Light enough that I could have missed it, but still there. Wouldn’t prevent me from using them again.