Very minor issue

The clock in the top corner reads the correct EST time. which is GMT-5 or am I missing something


Thats weird… I dont know what to say.

The clock actually gives my time which is central time zone. Definitely weird!:confused:

Im guessing the clock gives each of us our own time as its definetly EST for me, Its the GMT-4 that is wrong, Thats somewhere in the Atlantic;)

Yeah mine says GMT -5.

Mine says GMT +2. Should be saying +1. But the time is right!?

That settles it, Greenwich is somewhere in the west of Ireland

THAT was funny.

Some day, one or two of you should talk me into telling you the story of my alarm clock while on-road. I was at a legitimate haunted house (B&B) and my room was the one wherein the experiences were most reported.

suffice to say for now…I am still unsure of what I saw vs what I thought I saw. Gives me the creeps.

I lived in Santa Cruz for many years, and used to take friends here on occasion.

You’re pretty, Larry

I doubt it – there’s probably just some bacon in the backpack.

Ya, bacon does make everything look better. I was going to say taste, but I’ll leave that one to Phil.