Video Blogs

Hey guys,

Love the video blog. I love any video that helps our industry. I was wondering if you would be letting other forum members contribute videos of their own. (not that I have any, yet) I think it would be interesting to see how others attack certain jobs.

If you do open up the blog to other forum members videos, here are some possible subjects.

[]WFP demo
]Long poling techniques
[]Proper ladder setup
]Proper CCU techniques
[]Screen removal and cleaning
]Storm removal and cleaning
[]Squeegee methods - Fanning, L-method, Straight pull
]Stain removal - Hardwater, concrete run-off, etc.

Wheres the videos?

The videos they have so far are here.

Hey Thanks for the nice words. Yes we would love if other members contributed video blogs. When we originally started brainstorming this project, that was a driving idea behind it. Use Submitted content!

If anyone has anything they want to upload get in touch with me and I will show you how to do it.

Thanks for the suggestions on new bogs… we plan on crankin out a few more next week once the weather gets nice. I would really like to shoot video of everything Window Cleaning related. Interviews with key industry players, techniques, new tool reviews… everything… Please keep the suggestions coming.


I just wanted to add that I too love the blogs guys! They have a very professional feel.:cool:

We have just started adding videos to our website. Were getting better with the software so I will be having updates and improvements done soon. I would like to add some of our takes here.
Had one done the other night of screen repair. Freddie did it up in fast motion so im going a hundred miles an hour. Funny stuff.