Video: Street Bidder First Look

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Looks like a GREAT app…
So will i have to take a photo of every house i wish to bid???

Yep, or you can hire someone to do it for you

So, do you have to enter price info after you take each picture or can you take a picture, add house number and go to the next house, and enter price info later at the office?

How are you going to remember all the prices? Just sayin’…

That’s what all the talk is about. I like it. Select Marketing is the way to go.

Could you use this in conjunction with Google maps street view, and just get the photo off Google maps?

You would never want to do that, those pictures look like crap. Go out and capture a super nice looking picture with your iphone or iPad. You want your customers to see your business as quality, and sending them a nasty blurry pic will do the opposite of " wow " them…

There are three buttons to make it SUPER fast. Small house button, Medium House button, and Large house button. Each button has a set price. Remember, the pricing doesnt have to be exact. Its a tool to get your phone to ring, then set an appointment to give them an exact price.

But yes, you can change your pricing later if you want.

Very cool idea… Can pictures of homes inside gated communities be taken legally?

That’s my question too. I couldn’t see myself trolling around an exclusive guarded neighborhood snapping pictures

Remember it is a capture once and your done. Then you can send your postcards just to your hand selected homes.

I’m still waiting for the reply email with the app link. : /

Chris are you beta testing? Just went back to the main page, it says the app open in 4 days.

Beta testing is done, will be live shortly.

Two day turn around for your close in area. What is the turn around time for other States, and is there a notification of when your cards go out?

I had no problem doing it… There is a simple unsubscribe feature for the homeowner on the card if they dont like it.

Yea itll be ready for the world in about a week. WCRA & PWRA members will be given access first probably for about the first month or so. Then it will be world ready…

My question is, when will the Android app be ready? Why the app only for the inferior phones?