Video: Street Bidder First Look

They mail out of Florida, mine arrived to people 2-3 days after I hit submit… No alert was given.

LOL I would imagine its about a month away…

Dang, I really am trying to stay away from Apple products but I might have to pony up and get an Ipad Mini JUST FOR THIS!

Anybody using the Mini instead of regular Ipad? Is the only difference screen size?

I mostly use the mini, I like it better than the full size one.

I love my mini! Its awesome. Android coming soon. 30-45 days from today(ish)

That’s developer speak for “3 months”, tbh… :wink:

Lol. I hear ya. I sure hope its not that long! I already have Android phone and Android tablet apps built that we are working bugs out of so I really do think that the 30-45 day time frame will be close. :slight_smile:

Just release the buggy apps so we can report the bugs and you fix them :slight_smile:


I bought a iPad mini today just for this app. I only worry about pricing as it says “from”