Video: The Mole and Jersey Show Ep 10

Doug Rucker logo rip off, Tool Talk Mark, and Fail of the Week

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Hey! Great show guys, It was a lot of fun.

That Fed Ex logo thing blew my mind.
WCS and WWS are tops in my book and yes it can get confusing.

I tend to talk a mile when a camera gets in front of me. Thanks Michael for your excellent work in editing our lengthy conversation down to the nitty gritty!

Yeah, thanks for being on the show!

Great show!

Along the lines of a logo…I’ve been going crazy over my logo for 7 years. Really crazy the last year. When I first went into business, I paid for one on Vista Print. It wasn’t the one you see all over, and I’ve never seen anyone else use it. Anyways, I was happy with it for sometime, until I realized it could be so much better. So, I went to and had one made up. I liked it, until I found out it was swiped from someone else’s logo. So, even if you have someone else design it for you, doesn’t mean it’s going to be original. So, here I am again, trying to mess with my logo. I want it done right this time, so I don’t have to mess with it again. I think I am getting pretty close, thanks to a few guys on here.
Moral of the story…Stay away from the lame vista print and $5 logo shops. You don’t want a customer having three estimates, and two of them having identical designs from Vista, or fiverr.

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Good thoughts John. (I think that site is correct) is another great site to check out for design work. Not only logos. It is like the high dollar fiverr for design work.

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Great show guys!

I agree #3 and #4 those are the hard([B]est[/B]) part of being a business owner.
[MENTION=3418]michaelmole[/MENTION]…Im glad to add a little more confusion to your life, wouldn’t you agree [MENTION=5152]wws[/MENTION]!

Love This Show! Michael Mole what is up with your volume?

Thanks for putting in the time and effort to put this out there for us.

lol nothing worse then people who want ya to do all this extra work for nothing

really excellent shows

i was wondering the same thing. Mikes volume was real low and Josh and Marks was perfect.

I am resisting getting a dorky looking headset like Josh’s. He is the insightful one anyway.

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Don’t be like Shecky, speak up with a new headset so we can hear you.

You cut me deep Randy. Very deep.

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Well it’s nice to hear others say the same thing as me…lol Thanks For the awesome words!!!