Video: Window Cleaning-Going Madder with my Wagga when I don't use the Ladder Pt 2

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Some people like Pied Wagtails, I prefer Poled Wagtails. Pushing the Wagtail to it’s limit or is it the other way round? The modified ‘Mywagga’ Wagtail, the best DIY window cleaning tool ever invented.

I want one of those ladders how do you get one. Those extension v top ladders are so cool.

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Tough to get ahold of here in the States. Best bet is probably finding a specialty ladder shop that can build you one:

Although, now that I think of it, this would be a great addition to the store, [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] & [MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION]. I’m betting there’d be a decent demand for one if we could get them in the sub $400 range.