Viewing Thumbnail Attachments

Ever since Manuel became a member (not really), I must right-click and choose from a menu to view a thumbnail attachment in a larger size. previously, I was able to left-click and the attachment magically (I know – it’s ones and zeros) appeared.

Double click Larry just double click.

Sorry; my bad – I meant double-click.

here’s the error message I receive:

“I would not want to be part of any club that would have me as a member…”

Your claim may be true. My mere presence can often cause a sudden glitch in the Matrix. If, without warning, and unexpectedly, you are surprised by a sudden and alarming revelation that there is no spoon, during the term of this discourse, do not be wearied for that is the exact and same tribulation which has been bestowed upon the forum of giants upon whose shoulders we stand upon.

It was probably me. I’ve done lots of stuff I can’t remember.
It probably wasn’t me. I didn’t do lots of stuff I remember.

Where’s my beer?

[SIZE=“1”]Glide easy, squeegee[/SIZE]

Oh. Is it the same message I am getting?

Well, the restraining order thing obviously isn’t working.

I’ll have to call Walker and see if Huckabee is through with him yet.

Walker, Texas Ranger?