ViewRenew - GlassRenu restoration of paint stains on window

The vid speaks for itself. Included: stains that couldn’t be removed with CC550, actual customer response, the whole process…

She loves me and I did this for free so I could have the promo video- took 20 minutes.

[video=youtube_share;WIfgDtudKQs]- YouTube

so 0000 or 000 steel wool didn’t work either?

Honestly, I didn’t try using steel wool. For me, I did this to promote something that the customer doesn’t have access to, which produces results. They see me using steel wool and they might think, “oh, I could do that…”

Nothing against using steel wool, I have it in the van. But, her reaction was authentic and the windows looked amazing.

I would have used steel wool, 000

Cool video I meant

Excellent Garrett!!!

Cant wait to spend time with you next year.