Vinegar to stop glass from beading

first time I heard of a solution to get rid of hydrophobic glass (beading)

in this vid the guy adds vinegar to the water. anyone try this?


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I’ve seen this! what’s the ratio of vinegar to di water, what type of vinegar, does it work on every single hydrophobic window. Some guys used to add a drop of ecover to di water to eliminate this without spotting also

Nice demonstration of how we can change the water tension with a chemical. The glass has not been changed. Just the water.

I like it. Good show!


I used to use vinegar to neutralize the oven cleaner (when dealing with oxidized glass) back in the day. also to get rid of the chalkiness from oxidized aluminum frames. Your water dies so quickly when dealing with oxidation, but vinegar helps.
Last year I made a white pad “brushhead” for my DI. I did rinse water over the top of the white pad. The glass became hydrophilic when using the pad, though I have no idea why.

Here is the proof Melody. Try using just water afterward. No ammonia. If the hydrphylic effect was caused by the chem only the water will not sheet evenly over the glass. HF will chemically attack the surface causing it to become permanently hydrophilic. Similar to the effect caused by a quick polish with cerium oxide. But I would never suggest using HF. Great post friend.