Virgin zero resin the bomb refill

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Bought a ton of these tanks when they were on sale

Is anyone else confused??

Confused about what exactly? Window cleaning community. Window cleaning content?


I used DI tanks for years. Definitely the simplest and lowest cost system to get pure water if your TDS levels are relatively low. I didn’t enjoy changing the resin every 2-3 months but it wasn’t hard at all.

I’m glad I switched to The Xero Pure RO/DI systems. I changed the RO for the first time in one of them after using it for 5 years with no issues.

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I will have to check it out. Honestly I make it a year in the valley per truck per year. Mostly residential though.

Im always interested in better equipment for sure. Some of the prices get pretty substantial though. Hard to justify the exspense when these tanks get the job done.

I use di as well. Change the resin every 9 months. There is a pure water company in Dallas that does the exchange for 55$ for a half cube. The way I figure, it would take me a decade or more to get value out of an RO unit.

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