Virtual offices

Is anyone using Virtual Offices? I need…I mean i have needed someone to answer the phone for over a year now. I am looking into hiring a virtual office to handle all my calls. Just wondering if its been working for you guys? Currently I take all calls and my office is starbucks( I’m big time too…I have 5 )
One of my worst flaws is answering calls or returning missed calls. With this service at least I could have someone answer the call, take a message, get info , correct address, correct email and be friendly. I sometimes come off less than friendly depending on the day I am having(i sure most of us do) Then they forward the info to me by email and text. I would also get a place to have meetings.
Anyone have any input? What prices are you guys paying…

No one …Bump

My husband and I have been talking all day about the pros and cons of getting an office with a bay for our trucks.
Other than the extra expense of the office and up front cost of making the move there are no cons. In fact we are getting very excited about the idea.
Thanks again for your advice everyone.
So, those that have an office what up front cost beside the building should we be prepared for?

I debated getting a VO in my twon, but realized my direct competitor would have the same address as me lol. I guess they use it too.

I also debated using my studio address as a “virtual office”, but we recently moved to a county that I don’t service, so there goes that idea. Home office it is.

Personally I don’t need a VO cuz all calls come to my cell, and I always answer. And always sound friendly. Don’t mean to be a jerk about it, but that’s just the case. It’s my job…but also my personality, I guess.