Vista Print Shame

Anyone that has used and purchased products from Vista Print beware you may have a vistprintrwrds US charge on your credit card without you knowledge.

I found a recurring 14.95 charge from Vistaprint on my credit card. It is generated when you check out and a button that states for an additional 10.00 off push here. It gives you a month’s free trial for something (I never received any products for the charge) then if you do not cancelled it generates a recurring 14.95 charge on your card. Mine was charging me for the past 8 months. LOOK CLOSELY!

Vista was all too happy to remove all the charges and my credit card was also happy to remove them too. However this was a button that was pushed by me so it is not considered theft by the credit card company.

I wonder how many people push the button under false pretense and are billed for months before they find out. VERY SNEAKY!

Lastly, I spoke with a big wig at Vista (a publicly traded company) I explained how I would not do business with them again and how I feel this was unethical and shameful. Shame on Vista!

Ouch thats sneaky