Voicemail greeting

I got a google voice number and post that number on just about all of my internet marketing, so I can track where calls are coming from. It works very well for the reasons mentioned earlier.
And I’m going to get into better greetings as you guys are doing!

It’s crazy how many aspects of business there are to consider! Yes…this is an old thread, but I found it and it was something I haven’t even given a thought to yet!

So after reading the posts, I came up with a message that is completely focused on the caller, even tho I couldn’t answer their call.

Because I don’t have a staff to answer my phone, I will have to do it myself, as well as servicing their windows…so yes, there will obviously be times when I won’t be able to answer.

So how about opening with…"Thank you for considering Sun*Kissed Window Care! Your call is just as important to us as the project we are working on right now! Please leave us your message and we’ll get back to you the moment we are finished so you can enjoy the same level of personalized quality service! We look forward to earning the privilege of brightening your day!

(I have on my brochure, “We love brightening your day!”)

Any other ideas? :slight_smile:

Wear an earpiece and try to answer all your calls, especially during business hours. #1 complaint hear is “they don’t answer the phone”… I do like your message, short sweet simple.

Very professional greeting. You obviously put some thought into it. I agree with David. A blue tooth or something is a good idea as long as your safety on a ladder or roof is not jeopardized. I have a google voice number also. My wife answers the phone during business hours but it is set to roll over to my phone if she cannot or does not answer. That way it’s likely that at least one of us will answer and customers don’t have to hear the voice mail.