Voluntary property damage

My insurance agent gasped when she heard what i was paying for liability insurance. I explained it was so high because i have CCC. She said, all you need to do is add voluntary property damage coverage.

I read some older threads that touched on this but I’m still unclear. What do you guys think?

Humm, not sure what the difference is but it seems like voluntary property damage would be more accidental (ladder scratches a window) where ccc could be more intentional (you use a razor on a window and it scratches).

Seems like a super gray zone tho so I’d definitely talk to her about exactly what your worried about. And even then, she just might not know.


How much is your liability coverage? I pay $43 a month with CCC. 1 million/2 million.

This may help, and your insurance agent should be able to fit something in your budget.


Holy crap. Same coverage, but $1400/yr.

I rolled mine back to 500. Seems like a waste when you know your way around a razor.

FYI mine was 1000 from the same company for the same coverage…

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$43 a month for 1/2? Your lying or you have the worst insurance ever

Mine’s double that and the premium is $87/month. Sounds spot on to me.

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Yeah I’m lying. I’ve got a history of it around here. And American family isn’t on par with the general. Guess I’m just stupid. Who is this prick?



Mine’s Burns & Wilcox underwritten by nationwide. Not a little company. This guy’s been trolling a couple other threads too. No one in a professional forum thinks your cool for being a d***. The bar hags might, but this here is a far different demographic.


Snap this got intense. :open_mouth:

I was snapping, but not on you man. I’m just a solo so I shopped around. For the work I do the price is perfect. I won’t tolerate a troll. I get enough of those in rocket league.

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I know it wasn’t aimed at me. I was talking to @mrcobz

Hit the wrong reply. My bad.

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My bad. No butt hurt was intended. Figure was just plain shocking.