Volunteer for charity?

has anyone given window cleaning svcs for non profit organizations?
i am thinking of doing this for spca, it would help the doggys and maybe help with
some exposure

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I’ve both volunteered my time to clean a homeless shelter’s windows and provided several $50 - 100 off gift certificates for a few different auctions.

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I do a couple of elder care and senior center facilities quarterly as a donation. I also provide free window cleaning certificates for their silent auction events

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Better than do a homeless shelter , send a letter to commercial clients offering your services to any of there charity’s.

The networking and good spirit will get you more exposure.

Going directly to the source is ok , I would rather be guided by another customer.

I am doing a charity job on Saturday for a lady that moved here to escape an abusive relationship. I booked it a month ago and have landed 3 paying jobs from refferals already.

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Good Stuff

that all sounds very cool…now if i can stay cool today doin it…:wink:

I do like that idea …anyway it went well the girls seemed to love it

I’ve done the windows at a consignment shop which funds an animal shelter.

I’ll bet it feels good to help the local community.

I started doing the WC at the local non-profit Homer Animal Friends pet supply store. I will probably do them monthly, as they are only several hundred meters from one of my monthly commercial accounts.

This an old post, but good.

I donated my time whenever possible! :smile:

It feels good to give and help when helps needed.