VW dealership :)

Hi all,
I just got asked to price a VW dealership. here are some pics:

I counted approx. 60 panes of glass in the showroom, as well as a couple small 3x5 picture windows in the offices. the front of the building slopes outward toward the top, perhaps at 70 or 75 degrees. that’s sure to make things interesting. WFP isn’t an option for me right now- unless one of you guys wants to come up and help me ;). I’ll probably use my extension with a stand-out, but that’ll still be kinda uncomfortable- better ideas, anyone?

So, what do you think would be a good price for this? this is my first commercial work besides storefront :).

Get a set of slayer squeegee’s and a pole, no need for an extension ladder. A 24-30 and an 18 inch slayer and you’ll be in great shape. Well, you would need an extension to get onto the roof there to clean those couple of panes, but you may not have to clean those windows every time (I wouldn’t - they wouldn’t want to pay me too).

So here’s how I would bid it - All exteriors cleaned every time, except for those few windows that will need to be accessed from the roof - I’ll clean those when needed. Most of the interiors will be cleaned every time, but some of the high ones will be cleaned every few months. This allows me to give the customer what they want. I’d tell them, “My price to keep your windows looking great is $225.00. I may not clean every window every time on the interior - that’s why I can give you such a great price. For that rate I will keep your windows looking great.”

Some may say this is crazy. That you should clean every window no matter what. I don’t agree. I seek to find out what the customer wants, and give them a price for that. Sometimes the customer doesn’t know what they want, so it takes some questions first. Now some clients want every window cleaned no matter what - and that’s what I’ll do, but my price will reflect that.

I would go after and price out monthly outs. Work it around that price. Dealerships atleast in my area aren’t going to pay what the job is worth for in/out. All of it can be done with a pole (other than roof obv). Let them know once the insides are done (double the outside price for in/out) they are going to stay clean and won’t need done for Several months. I offer what I call an inside touch-up. I price this into my outside price and hit all lower hand prints and of course in/out of the doors. Just looking at the pictures, looks like it would take one guy a little over an hour. I’d say between $100 - $125 for an outside cleaning with inside touch-up.

My opinion You’re not going to get $200+ a month for this job (atleast not in my area, yours may be diff). You bid it that high and You’re probably not going to hear from them again. I also read the customer, asking questions fishing around what they expect to pay etc… Kind of like Poker, play the player and not so much the cards. You can do this by asking questions other than “what do you want to pay” :slight_smile: [B]BTW - Does this fine forum have any Poker Players??[/B]

I have several weapons in my arsenal. If they wince over the outside price, there are several other moves here. You can price out the outside lowers by themselves, or the front entrance and one half one month the other the next. Umm you can take the roof windows out of the equation. All the glass will obv need to be cleaned periodically. Be creative and get the account.

My method isn’t exactly simple but I don’t mind jumping thru hoops to get the account. Above post “we wash windows” method is a good one and seems a lot more simple. Guess it just matters how much you want the account. I’ve learned when you give the customer different options to chose from, it’s landed more jobs for me. Kind of like going into a restaurant and having several items to choose from. Nothings wrong with either one, whats more important is what you’re happy/comfortable with and what works for you.

Good luck

We would have to see what condition the glass is in.

I had done a VW dealership with my friends company in CO. Just about the same set up as that one there in the pictures, they vary a bit from place to place. I think his price was around $200-$250 and that was not a total clean. All of the outside was done (roof glass maybe every other time) , then there would be a focus on certain areas inside every month, there were a lot of partitions in the one we did, less focus on the upper slanted glass, more focus on the entryways and service and sales areas, and less focus on windows in the offices with blinds. Find out from the customer what their needs and focus are on and work it from there.

Good luck

Thanks for all your suggestions, guys!
To give some details: The glass seems like its in good shape, no staining or paint overspray that I saw. The manager did want a price for me to do <i>everything</i> the first time. This is sort of a ‘take it, or leave it’ type job for me. It’s about 35 minutes from my home, in a city that I don’t currently have any customers. I want it to be worth my trip, even If I don’t get any more business there :). I’m also being cautious about spending and new equipment purchases- I’m saving up for a glass restoration system.

I’m decent at pole work, but I think I would want to do a nose to glass cleaning the first time, at least.

<b> I’m thinking $400 to do everything the first time- should take the day, hopefully ;)</b> then I’ll try and feel them out as to what they’d like to spend each month… work out an agreement accordingly.

thanks again- please comment on my “plan” :slight_smile:

Sounds about right, I did a bid on a vw dealership that looks identical and the price was about 500 for everything, i never washed the windows, others in the company did but they thought the estimate was reasonable, that was for Chico California so it could be different where you live.

Hope this helps.

Young grasshoppers are taught the ways of Ettonger, and Slayer, then they are released unto the world to kick some glass.

You mean for an initial corrective cleaning, right?

What about for subsequent maintenance cleanings? What would your price be then, where condition of glass is probably irrelevant?