Hello All. A large majoraty of my work is P.W.ing. I have gotten more window cleaning jobs than i thought I would & it is great. I enjoy window cleaning. Between April up until now I did around 8 residential homes. Today I did a job where there were shrubs,plants, big trees, little trees all over the place making seeting up my ladder a royal pain in the butt. I thought man this would simpler if i had a WFD. Question is with the amount of window jobs I do is it worth the investment? I do plan on getting bigger into W.Cleaning but should I hold off or take the plunge? Another thing is I don’t know to much about them other than they use pure water & no squeeging is needed. Any input is appreciated.

It would definitely be a good investment, John. Flipping the coin, I don’t do a whole lot of power washing, but I did get a 4.0 gpm machine last year. It has helped me do jobs more effectively, but now I wish I had spent more on a better one when I read what some guys are able to do. I would buy the best your budget can allow and shoot for the higher per/hr. jobs.

What is your budget?

What is the TDS of your service area?

Are you willing to invest now for the future?

My tds runs around 200-275. What would you recommend for me?

John, I do both WC’ing and PW’ing. I started off, obviously, with out a WFP. I took the plunge about 4 years ago and it has opened up a whole new area of business that I probably wouldn’t have delved into. Even better, we started using our unit for every residential job that we take on and I would never go back to putting up a ladder to every window.

It’s worth the price IMO.

An RO/DI system.

Reduced cost to produce pure water; less time monkeying around with tanks or cartridges.

Thanks for the help Guy’s

do more research on the wfp.

Feel free to give me a call and I can answer any questions or concerns you may have. 319-325-9475