Hi all,

I just wanted to chime in and give ya all a big boyah from Connecticut.


I have been cleaning windows for about 4 months now with fair sucsess ie 37 houses and 26 commercial monthlies. I was so busy at first I forgot to leave any time for advertising so all at once I had alot of time, wont do that again!

Welcome to the insanity! hope you enjoy it here.

oooo were almost neighbors… What part of Connecticut? I was up there last week and got killed on the gas prices…

North west corner$$$$


Do you do any work in CT?

Good to hear from you Steve, enjoy the forum.

If it fits in with your schedule, and doesn’t interfere with cleaning houses, you should try to do commercial every two weeks when possible, and then you’ll get twice the amount of money.

Very very rarely … its just slightly out of our reach… Occasionally we will go there for a big $ project… Friend of a good customer type of deal.

Thanks MSM and CFP,

Have lurked at NWCD for a while and learned alot, dont want to lurk any more.


I actually have 4 that do every 2 weeks. I also have like 8 that go every other month cause they say that the windows are still clean. How do you combat this?

with savings. lay it out for them. “if you get it done every month it will cost you $xxx$ (less) VS. $xxx$ (more) what your getting done now”
start there

It’s hard to combat it when they are comfortable in a schedule. The best way to get them to do more frequently is when you start them off. And they look at you as the expert, on when the window should be cleaned.

I said to try to do biweeklys, becuase some just sell monthly without trying to go for biweekly, which means you would need a heck of a lot more commercial to get enough work.

That is the best way. Commercial/retail customers are always trying to tighten the belt.

You mean it would cost them less per clean? Because if you increased their frequency it would cost them more per year.

not necessarily. with increased frequency the windows will stay cleaner so you can charge less per service.

Thanks All ,

I will be trying to get all new comm. on a bi weekly schedule.