Wagtail -are the blue ones better?

here in England we still dont have the new blue ribbon range of wagtails, are they any better than the yellow ones? i use a 16 inch and 12 inch yellow wagtail squeegee and now and then use a flipper wagtail . i also use the wagtail cranked arm extension,in fact ive 2 of these ,carry them in my pouch theyre a very handy gizmo . basically i think the wagtail stuff is great although its annoying that the wagtail squeegees dont fit in a holster .i also think the wagtail bucket clip is a good idea too .-

Hi Jonny, you can interchange your normal sized channels with the blue ribbon, the flick switch to lock the swivel in place can sometimes be a pain when you accidently lock it.

Have to agree the arm extension makes life a lot easier in certain situations for far off work. The Wagtail is fast becomming my favourite squeegee. I still have the original flip blade & pad version - it gets used for floors now!

Use 2 Ettore boabs & stick them in the applicator part.

If you have a paypal account - WCR can sort you out with the new “blue ribbon.” Or order direct from Oz.

hiya karlos .do you ever actually lock the swivel?why ? /////so are you cleaning floors as part of your biz ? please get a video of u doing that ,id like to see your floor fanning method .ok? iv started to do a bit of wall cleaning at an indian takeaway i work at- will i be soft enuf to step behind the counter and clean the kitchen !!?

I have been known to lock the swivel to cut a line, but really I don’t use it. If the locking mechanism was more fluid maybe I’d use it more often. But probably good if you want to straight pull off a pole at height.

Me clean floors :eek: Well I sometimes have to once I’ve been wfping, so I use it for those odd ocassions on marble or tile when they want the surface slip-free & it’s quick too. See last video & [URL=“http://robinson-solutions.blogspot.com/2009/06/window-cleaning-wfp-videos.html”]10th video down here.

dont know about the blue one .but with the yellow one ,12 inch you need to cut out the middle where the normal squeegee would go, then fits in without falling out l know ive done it . 2nd part as you know the mop dont hold a lot of water .so buy cheap mop sow on velcro like the mk1 wagtail.then aradite some more velcro on back of the holder for the squeege .and make sure that the mopis about 1/4 shorter then the rubber.and the way you go.timon from england. if not sure.email [email protected]

cut out the middle? i dont understand . its true the yellow mop holds very little water and isnt good at scrubbing off baked on dirt . im using the 14 inch yellow wagtail flipper (on residential)

The channels are thinner on the “blue ribbon” line - so they fit in your boab slot (except if you have the flipper material attached). Squeegee rubber is definately easier to change & if you don’t like the slider fixing slot, you can take it out. I think it’s definitely an improvement over the last, the velcro fixing parts are lot better as well. Yep, have to go with the “blue ribbon”.
I’ve tried other scrubbing material, but the way Willie has designed it - his choice is probably better than anything else I’ve found for ease of use. You can cut up a porcupine, but its a little heavy & flops down at the wrong moment.

you cannot place 12 inc wagtail flipper in boab due two a normal squeegee bring to small ,as i said cut the middle out so the wagtail will fit and will not full out

But you can fit the new “blue-ribbon” in the normal boab slot without the pad.

the Blue Ribbon is a better squeegee than the Orbital Yellow and the lock is now out of production and replaced with a tighter pivot mechanism for those who like traditional squeegees. However a loose pivot is our preferred squeegee and if you need to cut a straight line just tighten the bolt. These squeegees will fit into a Boab.

this coming week im going to try using a shaved down pulex tiger(red and white) as the scrubbing material, iv cut it down to try and make it as near as possible to the original in weight but it should scrub far better

Never used one, but I plan on getting one soon.

I’ve been through loads of different materials, I can’t get the same action.

I have the new blie wagtail and thay work fine but the new flipper is not as good as the slide on plastic grip section fall off and then you put them down somwhere and cant find them.
Side holster would be great with the flipper only so your not missing much mate

hey, the shaved down pulex red n white micro tiger worked great ! it took me best part of an hour to trim it down with scissors , i left barely a 1/4 inch of fibre length and might even trim it slightly shorter still . as soon as i scrubbed the first window i knew it was better,i could hear the coarse red fibres rasping on the glass, and the white fibres held more water and it flipped no problem on the pole .

I haven’t got a worn out tiger - so haven’t tried that. But similar material I found was too heavy. Willie did mention another option, but I don’t think it’s out yet!

i do not know cos i have got one