Wagtail new WCR sponsor

[LEFT]Please everyone welcome Wagtail products to the WCR family. Wilie from Wagtail has signed on for a full year with us. He sent over a dozen wagtails to play with film and give away as prizes.


[LEFT]The first person to post " Chris I want a free wagtail" in a reply to this post…will get a FREE Wagtail shipped right to there door. “North America only” for now… sorry :frowning:

WCR Thanks Willie for his generosity!

Please everyone check out his site: Wagtail

We will be carrying them in the WCR Store very soon.

Here is Mark from WCR UK using the wagtail.

//youtu.be/- YouTube


" Chris I want a free wagtail"

Shoot me your physical address Larry… It will go out with todays shipments.

[email protected]

dang i want a free wagtail:)

Chris I want a free Sörbo t-shirt.

I’ve been using the wagtail for over a couple of months and I rarely use a traditional pole without it now.

If you do a lot of pole work then get one.

Willie from wagtail frequents WCR so feel free to pot any questions you may have here and im sure he will answer them for you.

I’d like to know why he changed the design? I have the original wagtail that other users prefer to the new flipper. I can flip my scrubber to the back - I presume you can on the new flipper? Why did Willie change the design & for what reason?

We changed the design from a Combi to the Flipper for several reasons, one being able to finish off at window ledges. Scrubbing is better and the interchange between scrubbing and squeegee is instantaneous. Guys here in Sydney said the same as you but now every week I see more window cleaners use the Flipper. That said it is still only 10% of our squeegee sales but in Japan alone we sold 2500 Flippers verse 100 squeegees. If you master the Flipper it is the best tool we make and WILL increase your speed.

Willie Erken

Thanks Willie, so the pad flips just like the Combi?
You have a personal message!

Yes the pad flips in front of the rubber blade to scrub and then gravity allows it to fall if you take the squeegee off the window. Then you have squeegee that is always able to glide due to the water in the pad. One month ago I tested this against my other squeegee with a friend/customer. I had a 20" Flipper plus squeegee and he had an 18" wagtail squeegee, he is 30 and I am 50 plus. This guy appeared fast but at the end of the job I got through 30% more windows. My method (at the risk of boring you) is to Flipper top windows and double hand with the squeegee the bottom. This prevents the changing of tools from Applicator to squeegee plus BETTER scrubbing by using the Flipper (long pad) At the end of the day we finished a job that he and his partner do in two days and his comments were he moved faster than normal just to keep up. Please don’t think there is ego involved because one day when everyone Wagtails they will whip my ass.

I think this contest is biased towards the guys who have businesses big enough to be in the office at the time you posted the offer. But hey, giving is good karma, so kudos the generosity.

P.S I am not usually home till after 6:30-7:00. Just sayin’. For grins. In case you wanna chit-chat or something. No pressure.

Oh, and don’t call after…what time is it now?..um don’t call after 2:21am as I should be in bed by then.

(This is what can happen to you if you only get 3-4 hours of sleep a night because the new baby won’t stop crying. He sleeps all day, up all night. (I know it’s an incomplete sentence)

(I used to be able to do it all the time. (Stay up.) I don’t know what happened.)





Sleep Tight!

Chris, I want a free wagtail.

Just checkin’.