Wagtail question

I wanted to buy the wagtail but I noticed the pads aren’t the same size as the squeegees why is that? I wanted the 16’’ but there is only a 14’’ pad.Is this the way it’s supposed to be?

The Wagtails come in a 14" and 18" size and the pads are the same size. Are you talking about the Ettore Backflip? The scrubber bar is 2" smaller than the channel so a 16" channel comes with a 14" scrubber. This is so you can use it as a one pass tool.

Hey, there are a few types of wagtails, the orbital (yellow), the slimline (blue), and whirlwind (also blue) looks like WCR is out of stock on the whirlwind, but have replacement pads for the whirlwind, the slimline model is just a squeegee without a pad, but has a lock. The whirlwind has a plastic u channel with velcro that clips onto the channel and holds the pad in place.

In the WCR store there is a 16 and 24’’ orbital and a 16 20 24’’ slimline and only a 14 16’’ pad

Its possible those are extra pads for purchase. The obital and whirlwind should come with pads. Not sure about the slimline. Great tool. I use them everyday.

oh i didn’t know they came with the pads thanks man

I noticed the ad doesnt mention or show the pads. Send Alex or Chris a PM. They’ll have what you need.

Although, I can move really fast with the pads, I rarely use them. I can clean more windows at a time with a strip washer without having to re-soak.

yeah I want it for pole work

I put my pads on backwards so they are not in the way when you finish out. I use mine allday and saves me loads of time. Takes some time getting the knac.

Floyd, personally I wouldn’t be too concerned about getting a Wagtail. True, some of the gang here swear by them, but I can do 95% of what a wagtail can do with different swivel angle handles or an angle adaptor.

yeah I just wanted to blow some cash on a new toy hehe, but I got the contour pro instaed

but at what speed do you work compared with those using Wagtails

i have to go with this guy on this… but if your a pro and want a tool for everything a wagtail has its advantages i would say the biggest advantage is when your confronted with windows inside and direct sunlight… …

You cant beat a Sörbo and normal washer with a water bottle IMO…

Its good having the wagtail trying a different method is fun and probably great for weekly and regular cleans. but the wagtail washer holds way to little water and would not function probably that good with a heavier washer strip anyway…

 a  normal  strip washer  or    brush would  do the scrubbing much quicker  and more effectively .  plus  you cant stop  dripping  insides  when using the wagtail !  but get one   its  cheap  will last a few years and    you  should be able  to make  your own mind  up.

Cant beat a normal squeegee Imo

I have been thinking about purchasing a wagtail myself, but not sure which one to get. I don’t want to you use the scrubber porton, what i am looking for is the ability to fan a high window using a pole. Many of our storefronts have windows that need an 8ft to 12 foot pole. I currently scrub them with my 18 inch t-bar, about 4 windows at atime and drip gobs of water everywhere and then i hurry back and do straight pulls with a standard adjustable ettore squeegee. There are times when the window is a wierd shape or at a wierd angel and i basically fan it using the ettore at different adjustable angles but i wonder if the wagtail would be way faster.

will some of you veterans help me out with some advice?

I think proficiency is key no matter what tool your using. I’m a guy that likes to try new tools on the market. Wagtail was a good for me contrary to my first impression of the tool.
I’m sure there a guys that would blow me away with amazing speed using a traditional squeegee. Speed is not my main concern. However, I feel my squeegee skills have advanced yet have been limited by using the wagtail. Meaning, I rock with the wagtail no question about that. It’s made my work easier for me. But, because that’s pretty much all I use, I’m much slower using a fixed handled model than I use to be. The mechanics are different.
Recently I purchased WT slim line handles with 14-20" steccone channels after mistakenly left my bucket full of WT obitals at a job site and gone when I returned. No complaints here in fact, they fit better in my BoB
Another popular tool for hotdoggers is the zero degree.