Wagtail question

I just received the wagtail i won last week (thanks again wcr) i saw on the handle there are three notches. Are they for a locking pin or are they just for a reference ?

They’re for a locking pin.

Check the box, the pin may have come out.

I think the Whirlwinds are non locking, just the standard blue-line are locking.

check 4 times before i threw the box away nothing

I have 2 blue ones that have the notches. They also used to have the pin.

One actually came without the pin, and they had to ship one to me.

Over time, both fell out. The locking feature is a good idea, but the design needs to be improved. I will tell you, however, that I haven’t really missed having the pin. I just got used to using it without being able to lock it.

The recent batches of wagtails stopped shipping with the pin. I believe they are revamping the design.

when they first came out with the pin, I thought it was a good idea. but I never used it as I never needed to lock it in place.
and I found it would accidently lock into place causing quite a bit of annoyance, and eventually took it out myself.

other then the locking pin, defintly like the improvment in the blue ribbon wagtail over the last one, just seems to glide over the window with more ease!

Seems like locking it would take away from why you use a wagtail. Deep ledges etc …

Willie stopped using the locking pin - I think some disliked the fact that it was easy to knock it into a locking position accidently - me as well! The only reason for the locking pin was for locking it in a pull position, but it defeats the purpose of the general Wagtail action. If you need to use a locking pin, just shove a matchstick in there…you’re better off without it.