Wagtail self defense weapon

Ok guys here is the situation in Montreal;

30F this morning… Forgot gloves… freezing… im holding my Wagtail doing a restaurant with lots of windows…All of a sudden I see threw the reflection of the glass a guy approaching me… So I prepare my wagtail for self defense( which can be very deadly if you wag it right)… I turn and he tells me; * Hey man im a window washer as well, I was just wondering hows it going;* I say Good thanks dude… he then looks at my wagtail and his eyes open!!! Wow what is that; I say its a wagtail! You know, right; He says* in my 30 years of doing window washing first time I see a tool like that, CAn I hold it; Where does it come from… its a brand bew tool right; How come I dont know about it;… So I say well thats because ur not a WCR member…

This is the situation here in montreal; LOts of window washers… old school …the kinds that are out in the summer but gone in the winter…Not many companies that can do about everything. Is it the same in the US;