Wagtail Tools are extremely fast

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A water fed Wagtail. Brilliant. How did you do that? Homemade off RO/DI or did you buy a Wagtail set up for that? Water must be at a trickle, didn’t notice any slop. Thanks for the great idea. I love Wagtails.

Pretty sure it’s a piggyback idea from Herman that used the small pump up sprayer on your belt.

It looks like this was inside a mechanic shop so maybe he doesn’t detail inside there? I sure wouldn’t do that myself in a home.

Why would a video made to demonstrate speed be sped up?


Nah. Credit where credit is due. Wagtail have been experimenting with water fed squeegee for a few years now… Johnny Kimmel was the Wagtail fan that started it.

Yes that seems the norm now days.
Same as most of ideas other people put up in FB or Youtube.
Other people or manufactures will adapt it to there tools.
Then there always going to be a person or manufacture some what make out as though it was there idea.
But who cares at least it makes it easier for all people generally. :grinning::wink::sunglasses:

A touch disingenuous Herman. John has been fitting sprays, jets and bars to his Wagtails ever since Willie came out with his first Jetstream. The earliest example of his I could find was mid 2014 but I know he was working on them earlier than that even. As I said credit where credit is due. After all, do you really think your newer refined pivot would be in its current form, or indeed even exist, if Wagtail hadn’t preceded it? Certainly Moerman Excelerator wouldn’t.

Not saying anything regarding the movement at this stage.
Let sceptics’ judge for themselves when squeegee handle is eventually released on the market.
Movement itself will surpass anything before it.
OH it exists.:wink:

You’ve missed the point Herman. Of course it exists. But it wouldn’t if Wagtail hadn’t come first. All evolution and innovation is triggered from what has preceded it. Wagtail because of the happy accident of a broken Unger Zero on the job. Moerman Excelerator because of Willie’s refusal to listen to end users. Ditto for your experiments and protos. …and of course the genie is well and truly out of the bag because of expiration of patents so it really is ‘open season’ and that’s great as long as credit is given where due…

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Anyway it has a completely different movement in every way to Wagtail and Moerman.
As said everyone will notice what different when it comes out.
Oh did not make the same mistake as in regards to that Q lock.
This actually has a patent on the movement :slightly_smiling_face:.

How long till it comes out now Herman ?

No answer like always

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