Wagtail Wednesday

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[LEFT]So we have a years worth of Wagtails to give away… 1 every Wednesday…

So how should we do it?

Good Stuff Chris

how about a famous quote or Line from a movie…and first one to guess movie?

" I want the truth!"…“You cant handle the truth!”

  1. Coolest window cleaning pic of the day

  2. Window cleaning pic caption contest (like the New Yorker does)

Avoid all the fuss and just give them to me.:smiley:
It might be interesting to give them away for whoever started the thread (positive not a flame war) w/ the most activity the previous day.


:smiley: I got it!!! Everyone send a video of them waging thier tails.:D. That would be funny as hell! The best wager wins the prize. LMAO. Come on Chris this will be the funniest thing ever!!

Best business tip of the week gets the wag tail. Any business related tip to help the group increase profits, become more efficient, cut overhead costs, something positive along those lines.$$$$$$$$$$$

I like the best post, or the best thread idea. It’s not an original idea but it’s simple and it works!

I want a free Wagtail! What a deal, what a steal!! Sign me up!:slight_smile:

Robert Lamb
Rob’s Window Cleaning

1st give to all the gold squeegee members???

If you guys are able to keep track of who has visited the site/forum within a certain time frame (say the last few days, week or month). All active visitors get 1 number (that they keep) and you use that number to raffle off the prizes. Once the winner has been picked, they can not be picked again for the same prize but can be picked for other prizes throughout the year. That evens the playing field for those that read up more then those that post up comments more often.


You mean Platinum, yes?

BTW Chris, can I buy one?

Hey Rob! How’s things in Kentucky?

How about a virtual “treasure hunt”? Of course the more technology advanced posters would have the upper hand, but most of us here should know how to post a photo at least.

So, for example…
These would be the photo requirements:

  1. Mustache (real or fake)
  2. Holding a pizza.
  3. Wearing a hat.
  4. Sitting on a toilet.
  5. Reading a copy of Time magazine.

Or -

First person to post a picture of themselves in uniform with an employee of Burger King.

You get the idea…
Of course you could give one away to the author of the most popular thread ever (maybe)?
Most Popular Window Cleaning Post Ever

I’m just shamelessly saying…

Larry is platinum & I am a brightly rust colored brass… :smiley:
How about including 1 wagT per person, per order? I mean we always talk about marketing here and when it comes to saying thanks, gimmees are king.

I think he meant Slayer.:smiley:


I use nothing but Brass my friend

Larry is a platinum squeegee, you are gold, and I am a Slayer.
I use brass in my backflip though.:smiley:

OMG. Your website tried to give me a virus. It said one of them was from the IWCA logo. WTF!! It said, IWCA_logo [1] contained threat

Of course you can Larry!