I have been using the Backflip since it has ever come out and love it .My question is is the wagtail the same type of tool .

The Wagtail Flipper is similar in one way to the backflip. You can scrub the glass then squeegee it immediatley without having to bring your pole back down.

The Wagtail also add the functionality of being able to fan high window while poling. Check out the videos below.

//youtu.be/Wagtail Demo - YouTube

//youtu.be/My Window Cleaning Tools, Reviewed Part5 - YouTube

I don’t have a backflip, but I do have a wagtail and I LOVE it.

those vids were nice thanks for putting them up there for me.

The backflip is the ultimate tool for commercial store front. The wagtail is a bit different, and a little harder to get used to but it has a lot of great uses.