Hey guys my velcro from my wagtail keeps on coming off…tried different glues but nothing helps …any ideas;

Humm, what type of glues have you tried?

Funny this thread came up! I just re glued mine 2 nights ago😁

I used Gorilla Glue, works great except it takes a little while to cure. Maybe clamp it?

crazy glue…cement glue…

this happened to mine on the 2nd day of having it… ended up giving it to my competition coz he wanted to clean windows like me

Here is my modified wagtail inspired by Polz n Blades with an added modification I made myself

[video=youtube_share;tOCiLX1dxVg]- YouTube

Looks great… gonna try it also…i noticed u didnt dog ear the squeegee is there a reason;

I actually did, however it is slight and doesn’t look bent from the angle I showed it. I found that with the angled cut, less is more

very small cable ties

Good video and modification Eric. what size channel is that, it looks a little small for storefronts.

Thanks. This one is smaller for those pesky transoms! I think it is 8in
I also made a 16’ and am thinking about if a larger one will work as well

Use the glue from the bicycle repair kits

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Thats cool Eric!

What is everyone’s prefers wagtail? I only have a slimline and would like to try the combi or some kind of flipper

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used both…now only using slimline…i prefer it cause its a slimmer channel…easier access in tighter spots. But its stilla really cool tool the combi.

Slimline for resi as it fits in behind curtains and handles etc, and the wide channel combi for commercial as it has a better close out

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That is if you use the pads on them, if you don’t then I would only use the slimline also as it is more precise

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cool video…thx. …hard to see how exactly e did it.

plastict tube slit open to slide on channel with u channel riveted to it
screen sewn on to scrubber laid over u channel
screen spline pushed into u channel

same as typical modern screen