Hi there

I’ve ordered the flipper, to try it out. We don’t do any pole work, ladders only and is really time consuming and not professional I might add.
Is the wagtail a good place to start or am I getting ahead of myself here?

I’ve seen videos of it in action, but do you have any tips that you wanna share?


Why is ladder work not professional?

I ordered a wagtail flipper also. Not sure just how I’ll use it. We’ll see.

I didn’t mean Non-professional in the sense that if you use ladders you don’t know what you’re doing, but I think is most “visually impressive” and show you skills to customers and everyone watching you. I grab a squeeze once a week, I bought my company 2 months ago and the guy that is working for me now is just a straight puller, and no more than that. I want to improve my operation even though nobody has ever complained about our work, I got compliments on how professionals we are, but again, I firmly believe that image is everything, just that.

Please don’t get me wrong and I didn’t want to offend anybody.


In many cultures, that could be considered offensive.

As a point of reference, look to our California political arena – Gov. Arnold “Boob n’ Grabber” Schwarzenegger (I just love Christine Craft!)

I would rather use a ladder than a wagtail, Using a ladder will give you better results cleaning the window.

mr star have you tried the scooter?

No i have not

Ahh yes…A blast into the past,the “Scooter” I remember it well! Too bad it never really took off. Some people still have them a product well before it’s time!:wink:

I’d love to have a play with a scooter - does anyone still sell 'em?

I have never even seen one. I can’t even find a picture using “the google”

Isn’t the Scooter that plastic backed scrubber that clipped onto a regular style channel?

If I’m correct, the scooter was WAY before my time… lol. I wouldn’t mind having one though…

Supposedly, in AWC issue 29, page 9, there is an article entitled Using a Scooter.

I’ll have to dig through that issue for a glance. Thanks Larry

Nope just checked. There is something about it in issue 17 Ill post it up today.

I received it today (the flipper) and is kinda weird to get used to it.
There’s probably something that I did wrong, but I was getting a lot of lint from the mop over the rubber leading to streaks.
I’ll try with some ettore rubber that I have here and see what happens.

Got mine today. Been playin with it for a couple of hours now at home. At first I was leaving bad streaks then I noticed the rubber was kinda dented, I guess from shipping. Flipped it over and all was fine. I think I’m gonna like this tool but I really gotta test it out in the field. I’ll do a vid review for sure but it will be in a couple of weeks.

Buy a zero ought and wet a window stand four feet away from the glass run it up along the edge to the corner at a 30 degree angle and then turn it when it hits the top to a 10 degree angle and close it on the other side. It’s a change from pulling and don’t have to worry about slop off the top. You do have to worry about popping the rubber on the glass. Or missing your water line when swirling it.

Took this puppy out for a storefront test run. Yes I popped the rubber a couple of times but no big deal. So far my main complaint about this tool is the scrubber getting in the way when closing out a window. It’s not bad when the sill is low but the uppers had pools of water to clean up. Loved the squeegee action tho, the best fanning I’ve done to date.

I’ll give it another week before I post a video review.

I think Peter fogwills “squeegee-mate” came out before the “scooter”. I have one somewhere, basically from what I can tell - the scooter is pretty much a copy of it.

//youtu.be/- YouTube