Walked out of the store and this is on my van

Someone left a used 22” squeegee, hip bucket, and pole on my van while I was in the store. It’s almost like winning a free WCR giveaway. Maybe better!

Whose last day was today? :joy:

So strange.


Secret admirer? That is so weird. Lol

I sure hope not :anguished:

Thats amazing!

I think it’s an old Sorbo squeegee and pole, and a samurai boab. So from not some random homeowner who had diy stuff in their car from Home Depot.

Maybe someone will drop a XERO Delight Water Fed Pole | WFP | WCR – WindowCleaner.com on my hood next time.

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Second guess: a local stumbled on some other window cleaner’s stuff that had been left behind by accident, and they assumed it was yours.

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Do you clean all the stores in that center ?? If not probably a store front owner that thought you were the guy that cleans there windows. The guy probably left it in there store.
Just a guess :man_shrugging:

Plausible guess for sure @Infinity

‘‘Twas Walmart. Where no window has been cleaned. Good guess though.

‘Twas the day a bucket Bob said, “ I’m not making enough money let me give it to a guy that is.”
Final answer ! nailed it :fist_right::boom:


Boom! :boom: :fist_left:t2: