Want to See One of My Fliers?

For some odd reason I am willing to share one of my fliers (in pdf format). I have NEVER done this openly. It may (or may not) give you some ideas for your own fliers… it also shows why Microsoft Office is the only weapon needed for creation.

I will only email it to people that pm me, I am screening who I send it to. Too many locals swipe my crap on these forums.

I would like to see one

cool paul! I’m from san Diego, so we don’t compete, and I would love to see your flier!

I would like to see one also, located in Hillsboro, Oregon

I’d love to see one…dont worry i wont be competing…hundereds of miles away.

by the way do you have any thoughts on that PM i sent you a few weeks back…have e-mailed you a few times…but no answer…i really need help with that

sorry Rob, I forget to look at that mailbox all the time… of course I have seen it now and will respond.

You guys need to pm me your email, not post a “I’ll take one”

CFP, I got the flyer in the email you sent me. Really a great flyer! I’ll be making up my Fall flyers pretty soon so I’ll study yours and hopefully end up with a better flyer myself.

Thanks for sharing!


No problem Richard

actually that flier was more “me” based than my normal flier (notice the whole part about insured, 3000 customers, so on and so on.) I really hate doing that

Sometimes people react differently to fliers and act suspicious. This happens a lot less with full color than with b/w

It is basically a test flier I am running against a flier without the “me” stuff. I am very interested to see what pulls more. (ain’t I a freak, I get more excited finding that out than making the $ lol)

p.s. thanks to all 1 million of you who wanted a flier… well it seemed like a million :slight_smile:

hook me up.
you got my email

u have my email also CFP,

where is my flyer???


Thanks for your email. Nice flier you have there, I sent you one of mine back.

Steve Cook

I would like to see one.

Thanks for all the marketing help so far.

BTW, have you read The Cluetrain Manifesto? I heard about it on a podcast I listened to today and was wondering how relevant it would be to the WC biz.

I guess mine was stamped “request denied.” You could have at least the courtesy of a response. :cool:


any reply about tha PM i sent ya???

Thank you for your request Steve. I am sorry to inform you that I am unable to process your order.

Have a great day and a great weekend.

Bummer! How will I ever struggle along without your help? :rolleyes:

pm me your email bro


please pm me copy of yuor flyer please i am just starting out trying any that work…petemg

pm me your email