Want to take your shot at the evolution of the window/encasement?

I’m looking t o learn when different types of materials were used for window frames, or encasements I’m not really sure what they’d be called.

1920-1940’s wood right?
50s-60s Aluminum?
70s-80s wood?
90s-today vinyl?

I don’t think it is quite that simple. A variety of materials have been used for many years and will continue to be used.

Today typically wood windows with metal or vinyl clad are at the higher end. Vinyl replacements are usually more economical. Aluminum is typical commercial grade and most of that framing now has a thermal break in the glass pocket to help with condensation in cold climates. Ironically commercial framing has no insulation and really is not that efficient.

The old putty set windows are from about 1950s and back. 70s brought the rise of aluminum storm windows.

This is just my take from playing with broken glass 2 decades.

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Maybe it’s just me bit a like often the older windows more then the new one. The old ones can get so sparkling and shine after a cleaning, but the new one I feel is more difficult. Even after I use steel wool on the glass you can see how tiny, tiny dots are still on the window.
When the sun comes directly on the windows you have cleaned may experience there’s more sparkling from the older ones then the new ones.

Good post , I think its good we know what era Windows where built in . I’ve done a home from 1880 and it still had the original wood Windows, Unless they replaced them in the 20s.

This is my observation

Before 1970 all I seen is wood Windows
In 70’s aluminum was introduce
And the first vynil Windows I seen around from like homes built after 2000

Most modern home are all coming aluminum , and most costum homes I seen have wood Window and vynil .