Want to use WFP: Here's my shopping list

Hi Gang: I’m entering my 5th year in residential window cleaning. I want to get started this year with a pure water system. I do high-end residential, some with a third story. I’ve put together a list of equipment. I’d appreciate any red flags you guys might see and care to comment on. My budget is $2,500. 32’ Grafter composite pole, Aquaclean EZ pure RODI 4-stage w/dolly and reel, hogshair brush with dual jets, reacharound gooseneck with a 6" t-bar and wiljer white shark sleeve, an Aqua-dapter, too. I’m a bit paranoid about not being able to do as good a job as before since I won’t have my face up on the glass, so I’m hoping hogshair and fan jets will help with agitation. I also would like to add a cleaning solution delivery system to the pole. I plan to use the system to take care of repeat business homes (where I’ve already scraped the glass in the past). I prefer to use scrapers, t-bar and squeegee on new accounts to get windows as clean as possible and then maintain them with pure water. Any thoughts? Thanks a bunch.

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Agree aquadapter is a MUST.

You know, in the 4 years I have been using a WFP I have not needed a hogs hair brush, RO/DI (tds is only .026 here), no reach around and I don’t use fan jets. The windows are far cleaner that I could ever hope to get them. Most of my accounts are only done yearly, if that, and they always come out great. I have maybe had 5 homes that didn’t work with a WFP (old wood frames).

My advice don’t over think it, don’t attach to many gadgets unless you really need them.

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Looks good with the exception of that pole. Get the Aqua-Clean pole by Gardiner Pole Systems.

Hogshair brush with Fan jets is a waste. The fan jets can’t really clear the bristles.

And if you order during February, RHG will pay the freight on the System and anything else that can fit in the system’s box.

Bite the bullet and spend a bit more on a good, stiff, light-weight pole. You will still be happy with that decision long after you have paid off the extra $5 or $600 you will spend. The pole is the part of this system that you will be in contact with 100% of the time that you are at work. You don’t want to hate it. I have used a friend’s cheap composite pole and I have used my Gardiner 30’ SLX. Get a Gardiner. You won’t be disappointed.


Hey Windows3877. Purchasing a water fed pole and pure water system is a decision you won’t regret. The above suggestions really are true, keep it simple and work on the fundamentals and see what you need after you have your technique down.

If your in the market for a third story pole that will work great on the second and first floor as well you’d be very impressed with the Ettore Aquaclean 35’. 35’ at only $599 is a bargain that a ton of people are taking advantage of. The Ettore Aquaclean is made by Gardiner, so you get the quality of Gardiner and the reputation of Ettore in one great pole. The clamps are easy to work with and the pole comes with a standard nylon brush with pencil jets. The brush can easily be modified to accept fan jets.

The EZ Pure has been the favorite purification system of the past year, great price and filter life. The dolly mounted system is a great add on and you’ll love the mobility you will have. The EZ Pure and Aquaclean pole are a match made for each other.

Feel free to give me a call any time to discuss your options. Oh and as Shawn said, FREE freight on the dolly system until the end of the month!


I would spend the extra money and go with a full cf pole. A hybrid is to flemsy and it will wear you out faster on high windows. Most people regret not getting a big pole because you can not add later except Gardiner SL Extreme and Simpole. We sale Unger, Ettore, Gardiner, Facelift and Simpole in full carbon fiber. Also go with the Tucker brush, you will need the Unger adapter to fit it on your pole. Best brush on the market, the hogs hair is over rated and makes work a lot harder with the friction and weight.jmo Also you can pre treat the windows with the reach around, sleeve and Ecover on first cleans. Also with any pure water system do a cost analasis on filter replacement. What does it cost to replace the RO membranes, carbon etc Hope this helps, you will not be disappointed in your decision to go wfp Have you downloaded the Pure Water Manual?

I will be looking forward to discussing options & purchasing a system in the near future!

Lot’s of good info - Shawn at RHG knows his stuff.

Thanks to all for your input. Much to process mentally. Let me toss this out: I live in a low TDS area…at least 50% accounts are 35 to 100 tds…with the rare occasion that I might hit a house with an older well for 200+ reading. I don’t want to go just DI, I’d like the peace of mind of an RO/DI system. I’m a one-man band, part-time business…60 accounts per season. Think the EZ pure 4stage caddy is overkill?..maybe I should go to the Hydrotube since it’s lighter, easier to roll around in my low TDS world? I don’t know how long I would go before I would need a filer change. Can you go more than one season? And for poles, I sometimes have sloped back yards where there is a finished basement and then 2 main living area floors above. Frankly, I don’t know how high this would be…the 3 floors. What pole height and pole should I have for the occasional 3rd floor but mostly working 2 floors? Partial to the 32 ft Grafter Plus or the Ettore 25…wondered if the Ettore 35 is too much to handle…but don’t you think it would be very rigid if it’s only out up to 2 stories most of the time? Really want an efficient size. Thanks for reading/responding! Want to purchase before March 1st.

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No…I’ve just been poking around at this stull for too long…I love your products…just hard for me to pull the trigger. I really need to actually speak with someone like yourself. I’ve seen your videos and I’m a big fan of your line. Is it possible to speak with you sometime soon?


Call anytime.

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Got the help I needed. I went with the EZ Pure dolly and a 30 ft SLX with an aquadapter. Free shipping this month made my decision to enter the world of WFP that much easier. Thanks for the input, folks. Can’t wait for all to arrive in the mail.