Wash it No pump needed

Wash it Pro RO mode no pump needed

Uploading… we did a three-story building over the weekend with 5/16 hose up to 300 feet from the van with no pump no problem

You run just RO one stage to get that kinda pressure?

Yes and I did not even have the 50 ft of hose un-coiled on the Wash It. Which slows down water flow

Nice. Water pressure in Vegas is always an issue for us. We have to tweek our system constantly here to get pressure up. lol

Then you should had a 25 or 35 gallon buffer tank with a fill and go pump

I have another RO system that has a pump. But I want to go the route your talking about soon.

When we designed Wash-iT PRO, we designed it ‘RO for LOW, DI for HIGH’ - basically - DI does not use pressure to filter the water, so you can use it for high work, or in areas with low pressure.

The next thing to do is get HOSE not TUBE for long runs … and we have just released RHINO-HOSE … it is completely amazing … it does not kink, it is the first FLAT HOSE (it is not round) and it empties itself - rated 100PSI - available at WCR as soon as you guys hassle them !


Ok. @Chris, @Alex, where’s our Rhino Hose? :grin:


So Perry!

Have you found the inner diameter of hose is important for flow rates if you have high pressures or low pressures of water coming out of the spigots?

What are you referring to by the Hose or Tube? The Inner/outer Diameter? The Materials to which it is made of?

Please advise or enlighten us?


Inner diameter will determine you water flow rate. That is why you need the largest inner diameter you can get from the water source to the wash it pro. That will help the RO membrane work at top efficiency. The problem with garden hose this size is weight and it is bulky. So Rhino hose is light and flat so it is not bulky and does not kink on you.
So you can hang 160 feet of Rhino hose and 160 feet of Rhino tube over the handle of the Wash it Pro and roll it right to the house or building. Or you can leave it in the vehicle and run the hose to the Wash It Pro

So when are you all going to sell the rhino hose, and how much is it?

Bought Purolite MB400 and have been having major issues with spotting all over glass(not just lines) Tds reads 0 and tested spigot to make sure. Res Kem mentioned something called channeling where not enough pressure going into tank could cause inability for resin to do its work. This is mixed bed Virgin resin as I was told so can’t figure for the life of me what the problem is. Is this incorrect info? Any suggestions?

I do not use Rhino hose, I have my own system John. I don’t need help with this at all. Since we are on the subject tho. what is the inner diameter of the Rhino hose?

Maybe will switch over someday!

Thx, Aaron

Todays the Day :slight_smile: - http://windowcleaner.com/t/new-rhino-hose-special-offer-limit-3-act-fast/37437

Just bought mine! Wife is out of town, have to make lots of WC $ before she gets back and finds out. :scream:Time to pound pavement!

I also got a splitter (Y) and 160’ of rhino tube and a 15" hand held pole. Now that my 16 year old nephew is going to work for me I have done a 180 degree turnaround on doing the WC solo. I will have him working the ground story and screen brushing with the 15" pole, 16" Constructor and the preexisting 60’ rhino tube. He could also get started on the interior while I am doing exterior WFP with the 160’ rhino tube coming with this order.

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