Wash-iT Working Hard

Snagged this pic from facebook this morning and had to share here.



Thats a Wash-iT PRO lugging a bunch of equipment to the job site.
Love seeing pics of these guys in the field, its what I imagine a proud father feel like :o

Thanks for sharing the pic Brad.

Being able to carry all of this stuff on the Wash-iT allowed me to make only one trip to the van instead of probably three.
I was parked about 1000’ away.
The Wash-iT stayed stable on a variety of surfaces.

Thats a great pic…

Keep it on the footpath - you might get a fine for overloading if you took it on the road !

I love the centre of gravity - and we are proud of the handle design - this was not by accident - this is EXACTLY the plan !

Also makes a sweet coat rack/support system.