Water Fed Brush Design Course : 3rd Advanced Video : Number of Bristles

This is the 6th video in the Program - where we seek to give you all the data possible to make you better informed … Is ONE BRUSH per pole the right way to go ? Well … YES … if all your accounts are the same glass type, the same height, and they are all regular / or first time cleans. If your business is about different job sites with different needs to get efficiency, then this Program is invaluable ! There is no selling in the Program … However the videos are made with by demonstrating a full range of brushes released to date from the BETA Brush Packs … Number of Bristles - Advanced Water Fed Brush Design Course - YouTube

I want one of the blue brushes with 1,000,000. points of contact. How can I get one along with 4 replacment angle adapters.

The color system will be in place once Beta design is finished. The idea will be to have 4 brushes all color coded to be used on different jobs. The brush you have now that came in the brush pack that has the most bristles is the flocked brush. Try using it