Water fed equipment for sale in Phoenix area

We are shutting down our window cleaning side of the biz and are selling off our water fed equipment, here is what we have:

1 clampless simpole
1 clamp simpole
sim 440 pure water system
2 cox reels (“A” frame style, manual crank)
300’ of air line
misc extra filters (di, etc)

The equipment is the best water fed equipment I have ever used, very durable and light. We were going to mount all this equipment in a truck for a fully functional portable water fed system that we could just drive up to the job and pull out the garden hose, hook up to the faucet and pull out the air line and hook up to the water fed pole eliminating all setup and tear down time associated with water fed. The equipment was never mounted in the truck and some of it is brand new and some is lightly used. Both poles are good for up to like 6 stories or something I cant remember but they can be taken down to only 2 or 3 sections to use on residential also. Looking to sell all together but will consider selling pieces. Also have the #1 site in google for “window cleaning phoenix” that will be available for rent/lease.

Please email me at info (AT) windowcleaningphoenix.com if you have any interest in the equipment.

All equipment is sold,
website leads are still available

What do you mean by “website leads”? I’m interested.