Water Fed on plexiglass?

Our water fed pole uses the Tucker brush that comes standard on Xero Carbon Fiber poles. We have about two dozen plexi glass squares that act as balustrades around the back porch. Will the water fed pole clean these without scratching? If not, what would you recommend?


I would not use it on them. I clean come big plexiglass panels and even my gloves will scratch those things. I also remember a post about a guy who used a wfp on a plexiglass sun porch and they were all scratched up after.

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If you have any doubts about anything get it in writing to cover yourself.

However, we’ve cleaned thousands of plexiglass balcony panels without an issue.

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Are you sure it’s not Lexan? Totally different than Plexiglass. Lexan I have cleaned with WFP and it’s fine. Just don’t get rough.

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Pretty sure your speaking of my story. It wasn’t plexiglass it was something much softer I forgot what it was called. Make sure your insurance covers operator error.

I have this exact your of job coming up. Does it matter what type of brush? Any other tips you could offer? Worried about scratching the stuff, but if I can wfp it, that would be awesome.

I’ve never scratched plexiglass with a wfp brush. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I haven’t either, but maybe do an all-nylon brush. that may be a safer option. the boars hair is a little more aggressive. ~Jersey 862-312-2026 https://windowcleaner.com/tucker-nylon-dual-pencil-and-fan-jetted-dual-trim-brush?pt=JJ