Water fed ple problems

I just purchased a new Gardiner water fed pole with the reverse osmosis pure water filter system. I did a demo and it did not go well.
There were spots all over the windows. I was told the pure water system would leave no spots. What’s up with this?
I was told by my supplier that it was okay to use in the sun. Should it be used in the shade so water can dry properly or does it matter?
Also there was hardly any water coming out even at ground level. Would it clean better with the pump?

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Did you read and follow all the directions on setting up your pure water system? Most likely this is a user error in one way or another. The type of pole is irrelevant, most likely the type of pure water system is irrelevant as well, but for clarification purposes, what type of water purification system are you using?
Yes, using any pure water system in the sun is fine. If you’ve hooked it all up correctly and you’re allowing waste water it should be putting out 0 TDS and drying spotless on the glass. Have you watched “how-to” videos and brushed up on technique as far as not over-spraying the top of the window when rinsing? There is a small learning curve on using your new equipment but seriously it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. There’s tons of resources on WCR- check out the videos.

I’ve been using Tucker Poles for 20 years or so. Just bought this new system and it sucks so far.
The system I bought is the Gardiner SLX 60 and the IPC Hydra Tube for water purification.

I don’t have a hydrotube but quite a few other guys on here do, perhaps they can help. Probably just low water pressure, but I think I’ve heard some guys talk about cleaning 3 stories high with no problems with a hydrotube.

From the tap we run up 50’ through 100’ of hose with the IPC Hydrotube. You should test your tap pressure. We have 80psi. Pure water isn’t fool proof.

Re pressure I’ve cleaned up to 3 stories in the Toronto area without issue. It is recommended by IPC that you use a pump for above that.
if you are getting low pressure out of the hydrotube but tap pressure is 40psi or higher then there might be an issue with the hydrotube. Open both ends to make sure the fiters are seated properly.

re spots: what is the tds coming out of the hydrotube? If it’s 000 ppm then all should be good and the rest comes down to not scrubbing and rinsing enough.

Does it run from the tap or a pump. If it’s the tap then the water pressure will need looking at. If its a pump turn it up to get a better flow.