Water fed pole circa 1963

Maybe was good ol’ american ingenuity after all.
skip to 2:35min

upbate: just learned tucker pole has been in business for 68 years. Wow!
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Very cool… good find!

Thanks for sharing. I have 2 old tucker poles. Tucker was the first wfp for me. I bought a used one for 50 bucks in 1988.

My first tucker pole bought it in 91 for $80. I had up until last year! it was work horse and about that heavy! :cool:

I kinda wish I still had my old Tucker… I gave it away a couple of years ago. It would be kind a neat to do some rigidity test against current poles.

Lots of people think that WFPoling started in Europe/Great Britain…But nope it started here in the good old USA !


My first wfp was metal, but not a Tucker pole. I saw the those hose clamps and said no way.